What do you get from us?

Lead your industry with our big data and analytical reports

How We Can Help ?

Your competitors are most likely monitoring your activities. We help you assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses so you can stay on top of the game.

Trendreader will help you to capture all news contents related to your brand, competitor or industries. Trendreader will translate the news into media analysis to provide output of interest and also to keep track of any reports or comments in the media.

Now that you’ve played in the conventional media, it’s time for you to dominate the digital media as well. We’ll create your own digital marketing strategy. We have the comprehensive data so that your message will hit the bull’s-eye. We get the people to talk about your brand, perceive your message, and form then maintain positive image of your brand with effective yet cost-efficiency strategy.

How is it work?

We have been developing and improving Trendreader for several years, so as you’d expect, what goes on behind the scenes is extremely complex.

We start from collecting the data, to filtering and analyzing them, and finally present them in customized format you can easily access and use. For the super keen ones among you who want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us – we love talking geek.